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For students looking to take their game to the collegiate level, your athletic skill can only take you so far. Academics, attitude, exposure and recruiting - all of these things play an important role in allowing you to reach your goals. The LaDainian Tomlinson Preparatory Academy can help you get there. Where other programs focus solely on performance, we go beyond the field to make sure you also get the proper information and instruction needed to succeed.

The Academy offers the following services:

  • Skills and Drills clinics
  • Elite Football Performance clinics
  • Individualized performance enhancement training
  • Large and small group performance training and education
  • Speed enhancement training
  • College recruiting seminars and consulting
  • Core-class planning, monitoring and management
In addition, the training doesn't stop with the athletes. The LT Preparatory Academy is committed to educating parents on the ins and outs of college recruiting and equipping them with the knowledge and expertise to navigate every stage of the process.

The Academy would like to extend a special thanks to Albertsons Markets for their help with LT's foundations and charitable programs. Thanks Albertsons!

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